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Good Ole' Chinese Cuisine, Rice Bowl

I have quite a love affair with the Rice Bowl. A Beaverdale staple that I have been going to for daddy daughter lunches since 4th grade. The atmosphere is quaint and clean with a 1970s diner vibe. The food is consistent and the wait staff all know my name!

This is a family owned restaurant and every morning the grandparents and son make everything from scratch. The flavors are that of the first Chinese restaurants to open in the US. The flavors lean toward Cantonese Cuisine and are light and subtle. It is like stepping into a portal back to the time of the first Americanized Chinese food.

The eggrolls are the bomb! Served with homemade sweet and sour sauce and the best sinus clearing Chinese mustard! I always order their Wonton Soup. Perfectly salted chicken broth with a small pouch of ground pork in a blanket of wonton noodles. The main dish that I always order in the Mushroom Egg Foo Young…. A must try! Super fresh and never greasy. I leave this place feeling full but light. Everything they make is fresh, delicious, and healthy!

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