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Dim Sum and Then Some

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Hard to find in Des Moines, but fun to make!!

Dim Sum is one of my personal favorite things to eat. I love the juicy tenderness of a good dumpling and the allure of ordering small bites of many different flavors. Sadly here in our home town we do not have many places that you can have the dim sum experience.

Thats ok though because you can learn how to make various types of dim sum here at Cooking with Cass.

In turn one thing that I do in my house hold is make a different type of dumpling or side every month. I eat some that night and freeze and save some for a later date.

Then at some point I will do a dim dum feast and cook all of my favorite dumplings, boa, and wontons for a full on Dim Sum experience.

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